Xanadu Mansion

Perhaps one of the most interesting things to the US visitor to Varadero, is learning that it has been a luxury destination for Americans since the first quarter of the 20thCentury. The mansion, built in the 1920s by U.S. millionaire, Irenee du Pont, the former president of the DuPont Company, overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and houses a world-class restaurant where our yacht charter guests will enjoy lunch after a historical tour of the mansion and the grounds. And if you desire, you can squeeze in a few holes of golf at Varadero Golf Club with the ocean on one side and the Bay of Cardenas on the other.


Cayo Icacal image

Cayo Icacal

50 nautical miles from Bahia de Cadiz, these uninhabited and uncharted islands featuring untouched choral reefs

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Cave Exploration image

Cave Exploration

The stalactite, stalagmite and limestone caves that are found on the Caribbean coast of Cuba are abundant in the Province of Ma...

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Dolphin swin image

Dolphin swin

On the way back to Varadero from Cayo Blanco, a stop at the “Delfinario”

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Bahia de Cadiz image

Bahia de Cadiz

30 nautical miles from Marina Varadero, this uninhabited island, a 3-hour crossing paralleling the archipelago

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