Parque Josone

The park got its name from the couple (Jose and Onelia) that built this glorious retreat as a testament to their love in the 1930s. They wanted a romantic hide-away where they could share and celebrate their love. The park features the first home built in 1938, as well as a neo-classical mansion, built around a natural lagoon and offers many attractions for the visitors. Most importantly, it is a window into a past that many US travellers since the 1960s have not seen.


Cayo Icacal image

Cayo Icacal

50 nautical miles from Bahia de Cadiz, these uninhabited and uncharted islands featuring untouched choral reefs

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Cave Exploration image

Cave Exploration

The stalactite, stalagmite and limestone caves that are found on the Caribbean coast of Cuba are abundant in the Province of Ma...

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Dolphin swin image

Dolphin swin

On the way back to Varadero from Cayo Blanco, a stop at the “Delfinario”

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Bahia de Cadiz image

Bahia de Cadiz

30 nautical miles from Marina Varadero, this uninhabited island, a 3-hour crossing paralleling the archipelago

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