Varadero and its surroundings offer the US traveler a unique opportunity to experience a part of Cuba and its people that for half a century has not been legally accessible.  Varadero is one of the world’s most beautiful resort towns, with miles of white powder sand beaches surrounded by some of the richest geological and marine life on earth in the archipelago Jardines del Rey.

Enjoy full day or overnight trips departing on your luxury yacht to nearby islands teaming with marine life and pristine choral reefs, as well as historic and anthropological sites. 

The US yacht traveler will have the opportunity to meet with scientists and activists and will also have a chance to enjoy a guided dive or snorkel with the experts and visit some of the unspoiled islands that are home to giant sea turtles, iguanas, exotic marine life and vegetation and to have a one-on-one intimate encounter with Cuba’s dolphins.

On dry land, Varadero also offers many unique, historical sites within the city limits that offer a peek into a luxurious and elite past of Cuba. The urban planning and architectural value, as well as the economic impact of these locations and industry are integral to history, culture and people of Cuba.


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Havana is a city so beautiful, so mysterious, and so majestic, that she leaves one speechless in her warm and sensual embrace.

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